Directed by: David Fairhead / Produced by Gareth Dodds & Keith Haviland / Executive Producers: Jim […]

  • Spitfire

    Directed and Produced by: David Fairhead & Anthony Palmer / Produced by Gareth Dodds, Steve Milne […]

  • Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

    Director & Film Editor: David Fairhead / Producers: Gareth Dodds & Keith Haviland / a Haviland […]

  • The Fear of 13

    Director: David Sington / Producer: Chris Riley / Executive Producers: Nick Fraser, Anna Godes. “After 23 […]

  • Death of a Gentleman

    Directors: Sam Collins, Jarrod Kimber, Johnny Blank. Executive Producer: Christopher Hird. 96 minutes “Does cricket make […]

  • The Last Man on the Moon

    Director: Mark Craig / Producers: Gareth Dodds, Mark Stewart, Patrick Marks, Sarah Giles. 92 mins “In […]

  • Attacking the Devil: Harry Evans and the Last Nazi War Crime

    Directors: Jacqui Morris & David Morris. Executive Producers: David Thomson, Steve Milne, Rankin. 110 mins Winner […]

  • Moving Half the Mountain

    Directed by Helen Langridge/ Produced by Mike Wells/  An HLA Production for BBC4 / 58 minutes […]

  • Bette Bourne: It Goes With The Shoes

    Directed by Jeremy Jeffs & Mark Ravenhill / Produced by Jeremy Jeffs / Executive Producer: Christo […]

  • Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon BBC

    Director: Chris Riley / Producer: Duncan Copp / Executive Producer: Ben Bowie / Darlow Smithson for […]

  • McCullin

    Directors: Jacqui Morris & David Morris / Producer: Jacqui Morris / Executive Producers: Rankin, Christo Hird, […]

  • Little Ships BBC

    Director: Linda Sands / Producers: Linda Sands & David Fairhead / Executive Producer: Paul McGuigan / […]

  • In the Shadow of the Moon

    Director: David Sington / Producer: Duncan Copp / Co-Producer: Chris Riley / Executive Producers: David McNab, […]

  • The Long Journey Home

    Director: David Fairhead / Cinematography: Iain Philpott / A Stoney Jump production / 22 minutes Long […]

  • Starkey C4

    Love him or loathe him, David Starkey is an undeniable presence on the TV screen.  But […]

  • The Flaw

    Director: David Sington / Producer: Stephen Lambert / Executive Producer: Christo Hird / A Studio Lambert […]

  • The Day Today BBC

    Director: Andrew Gillman / Producers: Armando Iannucci & Chris Morris / Executive Producer: Peter Fincham / […]

  • TimeWatch BBC

    I edited two Timewatch films, when the strand was still under the command of Laurence Rees.  […]

  • Bull Runners of Pamplona

    Director: Aubrey Powell / Producer: Fiz Oliver / Executive Producer: Chris Carey   “Every year, for […]

  • Moonwalk One (The Director’s Cut)

    Director: Theo Kamecke / Producer: Francis Thompson / Director’s Cut Produced by: Duncan Copp, David Fairhead […]

  • Holby City BBC

    Cross My Heart Director: Ed Bazelgette / Producer: Myar Craig-Brown / BBC / 60 minutes A […]

  • Heroes & Villains BBC

    Heroes and Villains. BBC1 The working title for H&V was ‘Warriors’.  Conceived as a series of […]

  • Moon Machines Discovery

    Moon Machines (First Broadcast 2008 Dox Productions for Discovery Science 6 x 50 minutes – I […]

  • Seven Wonders of the Industrial World BBC

    Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Panama Canal. BBC2 Director: Philip Smith. Series Producer: Debbie […]

  • Battlefields BBC

    Battlefield Britain (First broadcast 2004 BBC2 3 x 60 minutes Available on DVD) Battlefield Britain, and […]

  • The Planets BBC

    Series Producer: David McNab / Executive Producer: John Lynch / 8 x 50 minutes / TX […]

  • Horizon BBC

    Horizon (BBC2) Horizon is the most successful and most enduring science television series ever, anywhere in […]

  • To the Ends of the Earth: The Abyss

    Director: Chris Hale / Producer: Frances Berrigan (Ciccada Films for C4) A story of the descent […]

  • Equinox C4

    Equinox was Channel 4’s Horizon – narrative led science documentaries, that informed and entertained in equal […]

  • Licence to Krill

    Director: David Sington / Producers: Martin de la Fouchardière, Emmanuel Laurent / Films a Cinq for […]

  • Thin Ice

    Directed and Produced by Simon Lamb & David Sington / Executive Producer: Peter Barrett “A coffee-break […]