In the Shadow of the Moon

Director: David Sington / Producer: Duncan Copp / Co-Producer: Chris Riley / Executive Producers: David McNab, Louisa Bolch, John Battsek / A Dox Production for Channel 4 / Discovery Films, Think Film / 96 minutes

Shadow US poster
Here is a spellbinding documentary interviewing many of the surviving astronauts, older men now, about their memories of the adventure…  the result is beautiful and moving.” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The single most stirring and satisfying feature of 2007, revived the Anglo-American alliance in an unseen but exalted cinematic fashion.” Gary Arnold, The Washington Times.

Sington worked with editor David Fairhead to piece the scenes together. As Apollo 11 takes off — a slow-motion eruption of metal and noise amid a shower of orange sparks — the vision is so powerful and poetic, it makes you want to cry.” Christy Lemire, USA Today

This film is an astonishing feat of construction… The effect of Sington’s work with editor David Fairhead is to make you feel as if you’re on one hyper-charged, extended voyage of discovery. The individual accomplishments and reversals (including the flames that engulfed Apollo 1 during a test session on the launch pad) become part of an organic group process that encompasses tragic loss, as well as ecstatic epiphanies. In this movie, nothing is merely a steppingstone: everything is an exploit that’s part of one kaleidoscopic adventure.” Michael Sragow, Baltimore Sun

The editor’s role is arguably much more important here than it is in narrative film. Working with the director, he sifts through mountains of material and creates a story that is both entertaining and informative. David Fairhead spent nine months with Sington in the editing room. Their tireless effort is apparent. The words of the astronauts blend nicely with the archival footage and Philip Sheppard’s score punctuates the emotional charge of each segment, communicating a truth that can only be felt through music.” Christopher Disher, DVDizzy


Winner, Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, Best International Documentary 2007

Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Nomination

Winner Boulder Colorado International Film Festival

Platinum Remi, Historical/ Period Theatrical Feature Film, WorldFest Houston, 2008.

Best Film Award, The Independent Investigations Group, 2007.

Winner, Gold Hugo, Chicago International Television Awards, 2008.

Best Documentary Film, Vedere la Scienza Festival, Madrid, 2008.

Winner, Best Film, Arthur C. Clarke Awards, 2008.

Best Documentary, Sedona International Film Festival, 2007.

Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking, Sedona International Film Festival, 2007.

Audience Award for Best Documentary, Indianapolis International Film Festival, 2007.

Grand Prize, Boulder International Film Festival, 2007.

Audience Award for Best International Feature, Florida Film Festival, 2007.

Audience Award, Maui International Film Festival, 2007.