Equinox C4

Equinox C4

Equinox was Channel 4’s Horizon – narrative led science documentaries, that informed and entertained in equal measure. I edited three:

Equinox – Hunt for the Death Star (First broadcast 2001 Dox Productions for Channel 4 1 x 50 minutes)
Directed & Produced by: David McNab / Executive Producer: David Sington
In the 1960s, an American spy satellite, looking for evidence of Russian nuclear testing, detected mysterious bursts of intense radiation coming from deep space. The 30 year race to identify their source became the greatest detective story of modern astronomy. It recently ended in the discovery of the most violent explosions in the cosmos: events so ancient that they may signal the birth of the very first stars in the Universe, and so powerful that they are capable of destroying life on a galactic scale. Featuring interviews with all the key players in the hunt, David McNab’s film was like a detective story that gradually unfolded, showing the process of how science works.

Equinox – Identified Flying Objects (First broadcast 199x Just TV for Channel 4 1 x 50 minutes)
Director: Chris Hale / Producer: Lloyd Miller / Executive Producer: Steve Phelps
This film set out to explore so-called ‘earthlights’, mysterious phenomena which appear around fault lines and volcanoes.  It’s possible that they might be an explanation for UFOs sightings in certain parts of the world.

Equinox – Theme Park Heaven (First broadcast 1992 XXX for Channel 4 1 x 50 minutes)
Director: Graham Moore / Producer: Frankie Glass / Executive Producer: Vincent Hanna
The science of roller coasters!