June 13, 2014#

Attacking the Devil wins Special Grand Jury prize at DocFest

Jacqui and David Morris’ film about newspaper editor Sir Harold Evans, has won the Special Grand Jury prize at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. I edited this film in my cutting room at Silverglade, over a period of a year, and there were times when it felt like we’d never be able to finish it. With Post Production at both Molinare and Silverglade, we finally got it done.  So it’s incredibly satisfying for the film to be recognised for what it is – a great story about a really important subject.

From the DocFest website:

On behalf of the Special Jury Dawn Porter said: “We unanimously found this film to be an elegant examination of complex themes. We appreciated his film on all levels – it is a work approached with relevance and rigor, a historical film that feels contemporary and engaging, blossoms like a novel, and is surprising when least expected, epic in its scope, traversing decades and exploring big themes while revealing intimate details.” For the jury, Attacking the Devil is “a call to arms inviting us to examine our past as it celebrates and reminds us of the critical value of journalism.


And here’s a link to the BBC News website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-27811419